April's Braids and Beads For Children is the Triangle Area's #1 Hair Salon specializing in haircare for little girls Ages 2 yrs to 12 yrs old.  At April's Braids and Beads For Children, we are committed to making every visit an enjoyable one. Our hairstylists and natural hair care specialists are ready to cater to you and your princess. We offer a variety of services designed for each little princess.


We carry beads of every shape and size; from neutral to colorful; we have them all. All of our clients have the option to choose braids with or without beads and we offer endless styles and patterns. Braids and beads are very popular, fashionable and trendy promoting healthy hair growth at the same time.


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Looking for braids and beads, or just a shampoo and style? At April's Braids and Beads For Children our experienced stylists are professionally trained and inspired by the latest trends. We offer a range of hair services that will accommodate the most active little Princess. Professional products are used and sold for at home maintanance.